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Thursday, April 8, 2004 Issue 1   VOLUME 4  
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Industry Perspectives
“Integrated Design” and High Performance Buildings
by John F. McCarthy, Sc.D., C.I.H.
John McCarthy, Sc.D., C.I.H.

When working with clients on "green building" projects, we find it very useful to introduce the concept of “integrated design” in order to develop high performance buildings. We feel that focusing on the program goal, that of creating high performance buildings, better characterizes the true and lasting value of this concept.


Tips from the Experts
“Moisture control is the key to mold prevention!”
Practically speaking, what does this mean?
by Susan C. Doll, Sc.D., M.S.

Susan C. Doll, Sc.D., M.S. The ‘mold crisis’ has been around long enough now that hopefully, it is becoming obvious the real culprit is excess moisture in buildings. Mold needs water to grow. The intent of this article is to provide you with some insights as to when/where moisture may be a problem, and practical information that can help you prevent that water problem from turning into a mold problem.

Understanding Legionnaire's Disease
Causes and Prevention
by Brenda E. Barry, Ph.D.

Brenda E. Barry, Ph.D. What follows are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Legionnaires’ disease and the bacteria that cause it. This information is based on the work experience and applied research activities of EH&E’s multi-disciplinary staff, including toxicologists, certified industrial hygienists, and professional engineers.

From the Files
Genzyme Headquarters – Commissioning a LEED Rated Building
by EH&E Staff
Behnisch, Behnisch and Partner rendering

Building commissioning is a requirement for receiving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit from the US Green Building Council in the area of Energy and Atmosphere. Because sustainable design and construction concepts are relatively new to the building industry, the interaction between these “green” components, and their integration into the building as a whole, is likely to be a source of confusion to those responsible for their installation and use.


News and Events

John McCarthy, Sc.D.,C.I.H., and President of EH&E, was recently a keynote speaker at the ASHRAE/ASHE conference "IAQ 2004 - Critical Operations: Supporting the Healing Environment through IAQ Performance Standards", held in Tampa, Florida March 15-17th, 2004. His presentation, entitled “Defining the Healing Environment: Risk, Reward, Reality” focused on the true value of IAQ programs in the hospital setting by reviewing the aspects of IAQ in the healthcare environment and the stress placed on infrastructure and those who are responsible for maintaining it.

April 20 - Dr. John McCarthy is a speaker at a workshop sponsored by the Boston chapter of IFMA. The workshop is entitled "Keeping Your People Safe: What you might want to know about bio-terrorism and buildings." To find out more visit

April 29 - One-day conference on "Long Term Care Injury Prevention" in Lake Placid, NY. The conference is focused on resident handling and employee injury prevention in long term care facilities. Speakers are Guy Fragala, Ph.D., P.E., C.S.P., of EH&E and Paula Pless (COTA) of Canterbuy Woods.

May 4 - David Shore of EH&E will present “Recent Developments Impacting Building Inspection Services and the Mold Remediation Industry” at EnviroExpo 2004 in Boston. You can visit the Enviro Expo web site to learn more at

May 20 - Kevin Coghlan, M.S., C.I.H., will be a presenter at a morning workshop entitled "Toxic Mold Losses: A Billion Dollar Problem, Myth or Reality?" sponsored by MARCOR Remediation. The workshop will take place at the Crown Plaza on Worcester Street in Natick, MA.

For additional information on any upcoming event, please send an email request to Kirsten Buchanan
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