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EH&E Introduces Health & Safety Compliance Portals for Hospitals, Healthcare & Biotech Companies
by Robert Foster

EH&E has introduced a pair of web-enabled solutions to help hospitals, healthcare facilities, and biotech companies centralize and affordably manage the myriad of federal, state and local environmental health & safety (EH&S) compliance regulations that they face.

Customized according to industry, the Microsoft™ SharePoint-based “portals” -- called eH&E-Healthcare and eH&E-Biotech -- enable the more efficient management of documents and data through a single point of access, and include tools, databases and document templates to facilitate easy program access and maintenance. A compliance calendar tracks all routine requirements and can send email notifications if desired. Moreover, the portals provide direct access to EH&E’s experienced worldwide team of EH&S experts and engineers.

“Hospitals, healthcare facilities and biotech companies are required to meet complex regulatory compliance requirements from a variety of governing sources. Larger firms employ full-time professional staff to manage their responsibilities. “Most small and mid-sized firms cannot afford the expense or dedicate the manpower to fully meet these requirements – until now,” said Jack McCarthy, President and co-founder of EH&E.

eH&E-Healthcare was first developed at a large research hospital in Boston to meet new accreditation requirements for continual compliance, including unannounced surveys. “It’s now available to all other hospitals faced with the same challenge, McCarthy said.

eH&E–Biotech provides “A perfect blend of support functions for the environmental health and safety compliance program. It provides a single, easy to use interface for my entire program that is accessible to the company. It is also completely customizable and not rigid like other software programs,” says Masha Ushomirsky, Safety Officer for Peptimmune of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Both portals are built on Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint platform, a powerful web-based project collaboration tool, thus allowing users to easily customize and integrate either eH&E portal with Microsoft Office products, including Outlook.

Both portals feature:

  • Over 50 templates for required documentation
  • Customizable databases
  • Over 20 templates for labels and signs
  • Auto-notification via email of upcoming deadlines such as permit expirations, and refresher training
  • Access via email or phone to expert advice on a wide variety of compliance and health and safety issues

Options include web-based training modules covering a variety of topics. Each module includes a self-test and completed training is automatically logged in the Training Database.

For more information, EH&E offers two free whitepapers. Download “Continuous JCAHO Compliance: Responding to the 2006 Unannounced Survey Policy within the Environment of Care” at Download “Environmental Health and Safety Compliance in Biotech Companies: Common Deficiencies Encountered During Audits” at


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