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Tips for Protecting Workers During Winter
by David Shore

Imagine braving a 50 mph head wind with blinding snow and below freezing temperatures! Picture yourself on Mount Everest struggling to reach the summit? Now visualize your HVAC service technician traversing a snow-covered rooftop to check a faulty thermocouple or freeze-stat. The stark difference in safety is that the climber is probably better clothed and more protected from the cold than the service technician.

With the onset of cold weather, employers and workers should be advised to take necessary precautions, such as those listed on OSHA's Cold Stress Card, to prevent and treat cold-related health problems. Workers in construction and building maintenance personnel are among those who need to take precautions, especially when working on open roof decks. OSHA's Cold Stress Card provides a reference guide and recommendations to combat and prevent many illnesses and injuries. Free copies of this card are available on OSHA's website in
English or Spanish for distribution to workers.

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