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New Concept in Compliance Management
by EH&E Staff

EH&E has recently introduced a new concept in compliance management – eH&E web-based compliance support. With eH&E, we’re giving clients access to a wealth of information and resources to make it easier to self-manage a complex compliance program. And we’re also dramatically reducing the cost of getting expert consultation on site-specific issues as they arise.

eH&E web compliance programs are customized for market-specific compliance programs, and contain a complete outline of compliance requirements with tools that make it easy to develop a program specific for site needs. All programs are designed to be completely customized by the user and self-managed, yet provide access to all levels of help and expertise within EH&E as needed to address any compliance or building support need. For example, our eH&E – Biotech site contains a complete outline of a typical compliance program. Where documentation is required, such as the chemical hygiene plan or the biosafety manual, we provide a template in Microsoft Word format to use as a template or a guide to construct your own. Where data collection or information is required, such as the chemical inventory or permit status, the site provides a database to make it easy. And the site includes free telephone and email access to EH&E experts to answer program questions as needed. The site represents an organized single-point source for all the components of your program, as well as a trusted source you can use for advice when faced with a new challenge.

You won’t find a better or more affordable solution to help you meet your regulatory compliance needs. For more information on eH&E compliance products, visit


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