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August 14, 2007Max Chang, Senior Scientist at EH&E, along with Brian Fitzpatrick, Environmental Management Services Program Head, University of Massachusetts Amherst, presented a paper entitled "PCBs in Building Materials: New Environmental Challenges for Building Renovation and Restoration Projects" at the College and University Hazardous Waste Conference at Cornell University.

September 11, 2007 - EH&E sponsored an audioconference entitled, "Managing Pharmaceutical Waste in the Hospital: Are You Compliant?." This presentation (free to eH&E-Healthcare subscribers) focused on the recent EPA enforcement initiative to bring hospitals into compliance on the disposal of hazardous pharmaceutical waste. If you would like to receive information on similar upcoming events, contact Kirsten Buchanan at

EH&E is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Mara Seeley to our Advanced Analytics Division - Dr. Seeley is a board-certified toxicologist with expertise in conducting human health risk assessments and evaluating animal toxicology and human epidemiology studies. Dr. Seeley has over 8 years experience as a consulting toxicologist for both public and private sector clients, and 2 years as an NIEHS Research Fellow at the University of Washington, where she studied health effects of air pollution.   Dr. Seeley has authored or co-author peer-reviewed publications and book chapters on a variety of topics including risk assessment, health effects of perchlorate, and developmental toxicity.


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