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Yard Sale 101
As they say, one manís junk is another manís treasure.

The summer is winding down and autumn is soon on its way. Itís the perfect time to give your basement and closets a cleanout. Plan to have a yard sale to get rid of that accumulated mass of gadgets, clothes, books and everything else you no longer need or want. You might come across a few items you didnít realize you missed until now!


Hereís how to make your yard sale a success.


Mark Your Calendar. Pick your day. Some say itís better to have a yard sale near the first of the month because of the fact that most people who are paid bi-monthly or monthly receive a paycheck around the first of each month. 


Check the Weather. No one wants to shop outdoors in the rain! Pay attention to the 10-day weather forecast before you pick a day or advertise your yard sale. If clear skies are predicted, then full speed ahead. If the weather pattern has been rainy recently, you might want to put if off.


Presale the Night Before. Invite your family, friends or even co-workers for a presale prior to the yard sale. You may sell larger items such as furniture, and it helps reduce the amount of stuff you have to put out in the morning.


Advertise. Team up with family, friends and neighbors for a joint yard sale, because these tend to draw in more buyers. You can also split the cost of any paid advertisements. Also consider using community bulletin boards and websites to spread the word. 


Start Early. There are very serious yard sale shoppers who like to start early. Seven A.M. is a good time to start, but there may even be those who show up as early as 6:00 A.M.!


Signage: Keep it simple with a poster that says ďYARD SALEĒ plus your address, date and time of the event. If there are multiple yard sales in the same area, consider attaching arrows to the signs pointing buyers in your direction. Donít forget to put signs near heavily traveled intersections close by.


The Price Is Right. Try to be realistic about the items youíre selling since itís about the buyers scoring a good deal and, of course, you making money. You donít want to set the price of something so high as to rebuff potential buyers. Leave items of sentimental value in the house. If youíre selling something like clothing, put it all in a big box or bin and set a fair price on a sign. 


Set It Up. Prepare for the yard sale the night before by bringing items to your garage or yard and setting up tables. Have plenty of change on hand including smaller bills and rolled coins and consider using a cashbox to manage money easier. 


Make It a Group Effort. Make sure you have family or friends helping out to ensure that thereís always someone keeping an eye on the items being sold and the money. 


Hereís to a successful yard sale Ė and a clean basement!


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Published by Bernardi Honda
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