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Stroll Along To a New Sport
Get out in the fresh air and get healthy in a trendy new way.

Pining over the end of the ski season? Or maybe you are looking to take your walking routine to a new level? Nordic Walking is the newest and healthier substitute for both.

Nordic Walking or Ski Walking is one of the fastest growing recreational fitness sports in the world. Itís all about striding along on foot, using modified traditional ski poles.

Nordic Walking is also known as ďski-striding.Ē Cross-country skiers have long utilized ski poles for training in the off-season. Finland popularized Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking gives you one of the best overall workouts, and you don't have to content with winter weather. It's an exercise that really burns up the calories, too.

Better for training than walking or jogging, Nordic Walking uses a lot more muscles because of the walker's use of poles. The upper body gets a serious workout, helps with balance and puts less stress on the body.

The recommended length for the poles is about 70 percent of the overall height of the person using them. The makes them longer than the poles you use for downhill skiing.

Nordic Walking poles can be one piece or a telescoping design and are often made of aluminum. Instead of a loop for the hand like downhill ski poles, these poles use an almost fingerless glove layout.

International tours for Nordic walkers are increasingly available. Find exciting trips to test your skill and endurance, while taking in the beautiful sights around you. Europe, South America, as well as destinations closer to home, like Vermont, New Hampshire and other classic ski resort regions, are now offering overnight stays and daytime tours for walkers with poles in tow.

A British publication (itís free!) keeps you up to the minute on the latest in Nordic Walking culture. Find more at www.nordicwalkingnews.co.uk/. Thereís even an official organization to provide you with everything youíd want to know about the wide world of Nordic Walking.

What are you waiting for? Get healthy, and happily set off striding in brisk Nordic Walking style.

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