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June 2010  
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New Tires Special
AC Service Special
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Audi’s Certified Pre-Owned Program Leaves No Stone Unturned
Meticulous inspection and strong warranty coverage are hallmarks of luxury brand’s pre-owned car initiative.

When buying a pre-owned luxury car, you want to make sure that your ownership experience offers you the same level of premium performance and pleasure that you would get from buying new. While that might seem like a tall order, Audi has gone above and beyond the call of duty with its Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, a program that provides Audi buyers with the highest quality vehicles and solid warranty coverage.


A close look at what it takes for a pre-owned Audi to qualify for inclusion in the CPO program quickly establishes that no ordinary automobile is able to slip through. Audi lists a definitive series of what it calls ‘Achtungs’ or ‘Stops!’ – that is to say, issues which categorically eliminate a vehicle from CPO consideration.


First amongst these must-have qualifications is the need for the car or crossover to have passed through a CARFAX vehicle history check with flying colors. There can be no reported accidents, questionable mileage issues or incidents of theft in the automobile’s past. Having made it past that step, Audi also requires the car in question to have been registered for at least four months or traveled at a minimum of 4,000 miles in order to continue onward. At the other end of the age and mileage spectrum, no Audi more than five years old or with an excess of 60,000 miles showing on the odometer will be considered for CPO participation.


Unlike some luxury car companies, Audi has also added a few additional ‘Achtungs’ that go an extra step when it comes to validating the provenance of a particular used vehicle. Audi technicians disqualify any model that shows evidence of having aftermarket modifications, be it a lowered suspension system or other go-fast bits that could indicate that a previous owner abused the automobile. Furthermore, the service history of the vehicle is checked to eliminate potential lemons with an extensive history of parts replacements or owner complaints, and then all VIN numbers are validated as being present and matching on every applicable panel.


Once a vehicle has made it through this grueling selection process, it is then subjected to an even more demanding 300-point inspection performed by trained Audi mechanics and technicians. This incredibly comprehensive process validates the integrity and condition of every single system, component and feature in the previously owned automobile. The checklist used to track the inspection process resembles nothing so much as the proverbial fine-toothed comb. Each segment of the automobile is given its own special place on the list, and the “interior,” for example, is even divided up into five separate sections with between 10 and 30 validated items per section. This same level of exhaustive inspection is carried out until every single nook and cranny has been verified as being in perfect working order. At the end of the inspection, a strict road test is also performed to make sure that all vehicle systems are working together in harmony and the driving experience offers the rewarding performance that Audi owners have come to expect from their vehicles.


Given that the strength of the criteria surrounding a previously owned Audi’s admission and then validation through the CPO program approaches NASA-like levels, it is no surprise that the brand is comfortable providing extensive guarantees as to the quality of its Certified Pre-Owned automobiles. If a vehicle still has time remaining on its original four-year/50,000-mile Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty, then that coverage applies until either of those windows runs out. At that point, or if the new vehicle coverage has already expired, the automobile enjoys an Audi Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty for two years or 50,000 additional miles, whichever comes first. 


The guarantee covers almost every possible item that could go wrong during daily driving, providing a wide umbrella of protection for car buyers. It also includes an extremely helpful, 24-hour roadside assistance policy, which provides for such important services as free towing to a repair facility, free jump-starting of a dead battery, free tire repairs, as well as a fuel delivery service. Vehicle lockout assistance is also included.


The Audi Certified Pre-Owned program is one of the most comprehensive and appealing pre-owned car inspections and warranties in the business, and it offers premium peace of mind for luxury car shoppers.


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