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January 2010  
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AC Service Special
Automatic Transmission Special
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Even Your Pets can go Green!
Don’t forget your furry friends when it comes to being eco-savvy.

Whether your pets are furry, scaly or feathery, you always want the best for them. In fact, some pets might even be like family members. In a world that’s striving to be environmentally friendly and conscious – from organic foods to chemical-free products – people may be overlooking what they can do for both their pets and the environment.


Here are some cool “go green” products for you and your pets:


Eco-friendly beds. They might not care about thread count, but your pets deserve a comfortable place to relax and sleep. Pamper your four-legged friends with pet beds made of recycled materials. Worldwise offers a variety of products to guarantee your pets the best – and greenest – sleep they’ll ever have. Worldwise’s fluffy pet beds feature a special fiberfill-blend spun from post-consumer plastic beverage bottles. In fact, each bed is filled with the equivalent of more than 50 recycled plastic bottles. For more information, visit www.worldwise.com.


Eco-friendly kitty litter. Replace standard cat litter made of clay with litter made of plant-based materials like wheat, wood chips, recycled paper or corn. An excellent product is World’s Best Cat Litter, which is made of whole-kernel corn. The corn is microporous, meaning it traps and absorbs odors naturally. Eco-friendly, pet-friendly and it eliminates bad smells – what could be better? Visit www.onlynaturalpet.com for more details. 


Cleaner cleanup. Whether you’re looking for pet wipes, cage cleaners, pet stain and odor remover, dander remover or even skunk odor remover, Earth Friendly Products offers earth- and pet-friendly cleaning solutions that are made with plant-based essential oils. These products contain no fabric softeners, brighteners or other essential oils that would irritate a pet’s sensitive skin. For more information, visit www.ecos.com. 


For those who enjoy walking their dogs, but not picking up the mess dogs can leave behind, OnlyNaturalPet.com sells biodegradable doggie bags that attach to any leash, making cleaning up easy. 


Play fetch – organic style. You might not think about what goes into making your pooch’s favorite toys, but why not consider going organic? Simply Fido Organic Pet Toys are made using all-natural dyes and organic fabrics that make them 100 percent environmentally friendly. All Simply Fido toys feature Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA)-certified organic cotton and are available in six different characters including Lolly the Lamb, Maggie the Caterpillar and Oliver the Dog (all include a removable squeaker). You can find these toys at www.onlynaturalpet.com. 

West Paw Design creates toxin- and allergen-free toys that use Zolgoflex material designed to stand up to the toughest chewers. In fact, if your dog is able to destroy one of their toys, the company will take the pieces, melt down and recycle them and send you a new toy in return (you just have to pay the cost of shipping). For more information, visit www.westpawdesign.com.


Hemp collars. Most pet collars are made of nylon, which is made from petroleum – that’s not exactly what you want around your animal’s neck! PlantetDog.com features eco-friendly hemp collars that will withstand anything – from impromptu swims in lakes and jumping in muddy puddles to rolling in the sand. The collars and leashes are available in a variety of colors, and the collars are lined with fleece to ensure comfort. Visit www.planetdog.com for more information.


Talk about improving your carbon paw print!


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