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November 2008  
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Repair Special
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Gobble Up These New Releases!
When the Thanksgiving feast is done and the table is cleared, head to the movies!

The leaves are turning colors and the air is getting crisper. Yes, it’s fall! Tricks and treats may have passed us and our stomachs might be full from Thanksgiving, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t head to the movie theaters! There are plenty of films hitting the big screen this fall that deliver fun, excitement and plenty of adventure!


Here’s our pick of three films: two that are perfect for the whole family and one that’s great for a parents’ night out!


Get the popcorn and get ready for fun!


High School Musical 3: Senior Year (opening October 24)

It’s senior year and the tune-filled love story between basketball player Troy (Zac Efron) and brainy beauty Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) is still going strong. It’s hitting the big screen for the first time in HSM history! As Troy and Gabriella get ready for high school graduation, the couple soon realizes that they’ll be separated when they head to different colleges in the fall. The two gang up with their friends to produce a spring musical that will help them express their hopes and fears about the future. While this might be the last installment for the original cast, watch out for three new classmates, possibly the next generation of HSM.


Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (opening November 7)

Stranded on the shores of Madagascar, the New Yorkers have a plan to get back to Central Park but instead, they find themselves soaking up the sun in Africa. The gang quickly learns that even though Madagascar is a nice place to visit, there’s no place like home. Luckily, they come across the remains of a crashed airplane, and the penguins set about making the repairs necessary to get it airborne again. When the plane is ready to go, it looks like they’ll be back to Central Park soon! However, the penguins aren’t the aviation experts they claimed to be, and the gang is quickly coming in for a crash-landing in the untamed plains of Africa. These zoo-raised animals come face-to-face with their wild counterparts for the very first time, discovering their roots and learning about the difference between life in the concrete jungle and life in the real jungle. Of course, there’s plenty of fun, romance, family reunions and a little bit of danger! Homesickness settles in, and the group wonders whether they’ll ever find their way back home.


And a special treat for the adults…


Quantum of Solace (opening November 14)
James Bond is back! A betrayal sends Agent 007 (Daniel Craig) from Australia to Italy and South America on a mission of vengeance, pitting the suave spy against a powerful businessman with not-so-good intentions. Bond tries to keep the mission from becoming personal (after what happened with Vesper in Casino Royal), but learns that the organization behind the blackmailing of Vesper is much more powerful than he and M (Judi Dench) had previously thought. After finding evidence that links an M16 traitor to a bank in Haiti, Bond sets out to gather more information. There, Bond meets Greene who is the mastermind of a powerful organization. Expect plenty of action, excitement and, of course, Bond girls. Don’t expect it to be an easy mission for Bond because everyone from the CIA to the terrorists and even M are out to get him!


More information on all of these films can be found at www.imdb.com.


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