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March 2006  
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Get Smart, Shoppers!
Practice sensible skills in the supermarket and save.

If yours is like most families, you run through certain food and household items before you know it. Stocking up on grocery goods doesn’t need to be a big ordeal, and doesn’t mean you must do a “warehouse” shop. A few simple rules of thumb can keep your trips to the local market sane, and your wallet a little fatter.

Stashing Versus Sudden Need
If you find an item of value at a fair price, buy more than one. If it’s something your family can use, but you don’t need it right away, take advantage of the savings and convenience of finding it now. You may discover one day that you need something right away, but it’s not part of your stash. Then, you’ll probably end up spending more for it. Over time, you’ll observe that your “must have” list will diminish as your stash inventory increases.

Check Online Resources
Some major supermarkets post weekly sales announcements that might help you accomplish your shopping chores with less outlay of cash. Other shopper-specific sites may offer helpful tips on a host of related topics.

Be Selective
Don’t waste time going from store to store with your clipped coupons. Select one store where you do your stockpile purchasing. Most large stores run similar specials, so it shouldn’t matter much where you end up.

Coordinate Your Coupons
Work with just the Sunday newspaper as your principal source for coupons. You’ll notice a big difference in the quality and appeal of other sources of coupons. Keep track of the expiration dates, and forget about those you’ll never use. Keep a small accordion file to keep the coupons in tidy order.

Attention! Read the Fine Print
Scrutinize your coupons carefully. Don’t find yourself at checkout with ten cans of tuna, only to learn that you’ve got the wrong variety. Keep a keen eye out for certain verbiage like “good on any.” This may allow you to find an even better deal than you thought.

Small is Better
Get out your pocket calculator. If a product is packed in two sizes, usually the smaller version will be the better deal with a coupon.

With some common sense, and a bit of organization, shopping for food and home – and saving to boot! – should be a snap.


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