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February 2012
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Mercedes-Benz Icons of Style
Fashion and Mercedes-Benz go hand in hand.

Great design is timeless. It begins with forward-looking concepts that are executed with sophistication, grace and elegance. Great design is born of open minds and, in turn, opens the minds of others to endless new possibilities. This is true whether you’re talking about great automotive design or high fashion—on the speedway or the runway.
That is why Mercedes-Benz has long been synonymous with the world of couture, supporting and celebrating great design in the fashion industry by sponsoring more than 30 high fashion events across five continents – including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, held twice each year in New York City.
The Mercedes-Benz 2012 fashion collaboration features the new SL-Class Roadster and Dutch supermodel Lara Stone wearing the Calvin Klein collection, captured by the great American photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager. Mercedes-Benz describes Prager’s images this way:
“A beautiful woman stands alone in the desert, suitcases in hand. Yet in this 21st century update on classic Film Noir, the blonde is her own getaway driver, outpacing a tornado in a sleek SL Roadster by Mercedes-Benz.”
Prager credits movie legends Frederico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch for inspiring her own surreal and enigmatic visual style, which she describes as “a documentation of a world that at the same time exists and yet does not exist.” Prager is known best for her trilogy featuring the films Polyester, The Big Valley and Weekend.
Lara Stone, instantly recognizable for the gap between her two front teeth, has been one of the world’s most photographed models since 2006, showcasing the fashions of Versace, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Givenchy and Max Mara, and is currently the face of Calvin Klein.
The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Roadster is the latest in the Icons of Style series that has included the SLS AMG, the E-Class Convertible, the CLS-Class and the A-Class concept car. The SL-Class Roadster combines the most advanced and innovative technology with timeless bodylines that reflect the sleek sophistication of a 1950’s roadster—understated, yet luxurious, powerful, yet finely detailed.
“It’s an honor to work with Mercedes-Benz on a project like this. Both Mercedes-Benz and Calvin Klein Collection brands represent great luxury and timeless elegance and it was a really unique experience,” said Lara Stone.
The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Collaboration, Icons of Style, makes its U.S. debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, February 9 through 15, 2012, at Lincoln Center in New York City, featuring an array of the world’s leading designers from Argentina, Canada, China, England, Guatemala, Korea, Lebanon, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Russia. For more information about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, visit

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