Issue 28   November 10, 2011
Industry News
HarperCollins to buy Thomas Nelson and more ...
by Tiffany Noel

This week’s Book Industry News includes: HarperCollins buys Thomas Nelson, The Next Nook Tablet, Retail Sales Down in October, Occupy Wall Street Writers, and Follett Moves Wholesale Headquarters to Aurora, Ill. Furthermore, Random House is in Worse Shape than Borders, Amazon’s Best Book List of 2011, Young Adult Book Festival in Charleston, The Marketplace Fairness Act, Assassin of Secrets Recalled, Australia Reaches Publishing Compromise, The eBooks of France, and The End of Japan’s eBook Ban. Read On!

Two Very Different Views
Every week there is some news regarding the shrinking of brick and mortar stores and the rising up of the "e" anything including eBooks, eStores, ePublishing and the list goes on. This week BBN wants to present two perspectives: one, why bookstores and two, where are they heading. Read the two excellent pieces below: “What Compels Someone to Own a Bookstore?” and "Emily Gould and the Rise of the Indie E-Bookseller”. Enjoy
What Compels Someone to Own a Bookstore?

Heavens knows it’s not to make a fortune. If a bookstore stays in business for longer than the time it took to type this article, they’re doing well. If one has lasted a few years, that’s amazing. If they’ve been around for decades, that’s a miracle. Read On!
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The Rise of the Indie E-Bookseller
by Laura Hazard Owen

Independent bricks-and-mortar bookstores are struggling, but indie e-bookstores may just be the next big thing. Read On!

Industry Trade Shows
by Tiffany Noel

Time to send in your dates for next year's trade shows. Remember, there is nothing like meeting people face to face, hands-on checking out product, the gathering together as a community of booklovers and learning from one another. Check out all the latest trade show listings. Make attending trade shows a priority! Read on.
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Did You Know
Count Down to 100 Best “First Liners”
By Tiffany Noel

“Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed”.

 These are the first words in the hit classic Ulysses, by James Joyce. Read On!
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