Issue 12   July 8, 2010

Seminar News From GABBS
Seminar Lineup Being Finalized

Seminars are being finalized for the Great American Bargain Book Show.

New in Boston at GABBS: two Industry Perspective sessions from industry experts right on the show floor! Plus Educational Seminars hosted by NEIBA, NAIBA and SIBA regional directors.  Also, writers' seminars! Read On!

Industry News
Tiffany Noel

This week's In The News features:
  • Barnes & Noble Still Depending on Physical Books
  • Lay-Off’s at Clarkson Potter
  • Literary Agent Wins 2010 Maxwell Perkins Prize
  • Patterson- First to Top a Million in E-book Sales
  • A Free Comic Application
  • Harlequin Launches Digital Imprint Line
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Booksellers: A Murder Mystery Group for Your Store?
Starting your Own Mystery Book Discussion Group
by Lorraine Petty

If you love mysteries and want to get together with others to share book talk, take heart. It's easier than you think. It's lots of fun, and you don't need to be an expert. The following are some basic principles and tips to give you the confidence to start and sustain a mystery discussion group in your area. Read On!

Keying Your Ads
Trying to find out how people heard about your store or sale?
by Skinner, Kim
Here is a short helpful article showing how one industrious person figured out how to track where people were finding out about her ads. Read On!
Did You Know?
July & Poetic Justice
by Travis May

Do you know who named the month of July and why? Also, most of us are familiar with the phrase "Poetic Justice" but may not know where it originated. Read On!
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I'll Be There!
Who's Exhibiting at GABBS?
By Travis May

In this section, BBN will be highlighting vendors who are planning to exhibit at the Great American Bargain Book Show in Boston, August 19-20. This issue features:

  • World Publications
  • Archie Comic Publications
  • Buchvertrieb Liesenberg
  • Piccadilly Journals, Gifts & Stationery 
  • SmartWorks Consumer Products
  • Book Enterprises
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Industry Trade Shows
2010 Trade Shows
by Tiffany Noel

Remember, there is nothing like meeting people face to face, hands-on checking out product, the gathering together as a community of booklovers and learning from one another. Check out all the latest trade show listings. Make attending trade shows a priority! Read on for 2010 listings...
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Swap & Shop
by Valerie May

NEW HD DVD'S for sale, a great find for any retailer! Also, new book titles! Check them out! And more listings for those interested in buying and selling in the publishing industry. Need an affordable line of Classics for your store? Read On!

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