Issue 8   April 27, 2010
Freight Tip
Shipping Costs Expected to Rise Dramatically
by Barb Smith

Due to the sluggish economy over the past two years, shippers have enjoyed high less than truckload (LTL) discounts and low truckload and container rates.    However, this is all beginning to change. As the economy is improving, the carriers are getting busier, and this is creating a real capacity issue. Read On!
Did You Know?
Ever Wonder What "May" means?

..... from Wordsworth Classics' Dictionary of Phrase & Fable
The Anglo-Saxons called this month  'thrimilce'  because the cows could be milked three times a day; the present name is from the Latin, Maius,,, the goddess of growth and increase.
For more "May" history, Read On!
Industry Trade Shows
2010 Trade Shows
by Tiffany Noel

Remember, there is nothing like meeting people face to face, hands-on checking out product, the gathering together as a community of booklovers and learning from one another. Check out all the latest trade show listings. Make attending trade shows a priority! Read on for 2010 listings...
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Swap & Shop
by Valerie May

NEW HD DVD'S for sale, a great find for any retailer! Also, new book titles! Check them out! And more listings for those interested in buying and selling in the publishing industry. Need an affordable line of Classics for your store? Read On!

CNN Money's 10 Most Popular Franchises
Ever think about franchising?

1) Subway, Failure rate - 7%, Average loan size, $171,000, Franchise fee - $15,000

 2) Quiznos, Failure rate - 25%, Average loan size, $144,000, Franchise fee - $25,000

 3) UPS Store, Failure rate - 12%, Average loan size, $147,000, Franchise fee - $30,000

 4) Cold Stone Creamery - Failure Rate 31%, Average loan size, $234,000 - Franchise fee - $42,000

 5) Dairy Queen - Failure Rate 8%, Average loan size, $328,000, Franchise fee - $35,000

 6) Dunkin Donut - Failure rate 8%, Average loan size, $583,000, 

 7) Super 8 Motel - Failure rate 4%, Average loan size, $910,000, 2000 outlets

 8) Days Inn - Failure rate 6%, Average loan size, $1,000,000, 1900 outlets

 9) Curves - Failure rate 6%, Average loan size, $98,000, 10,000 outlets

 10) Matco Tools - Failure rate 36%, Average loan size, $90,000.


Industry Interview
An Interview with BookExpo's Steven Rosato

Steven Rosato, Event Director-BookExpo America
BookExpo America is just around the corner, with a new weekday formula. Read on for Bargain Book News' interview with BEA Event Director Steven Rosato regarding the upcoming show, including Tuesday's (May 25th) exclusive  Remainder Day and off-site venues.
In The News
by Tiffany Noel

In The News features Barnes & Noble news, City Pages names Best Book Stores, Amazon files suit against North Carolina, the ash covered London Book Fair, Free Speech news, another great quarter for Amazon, BEA announces Plenary sessions, Phoenix Books closes, 2010 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Awards and more!
Digital Devices in the News
Points on e-Books and the IPad revolution

The newbie, the IPad, and e-Books in general are in the news almost daily. Read on to peruse some of the latest points, pulled from The New Yorker magazine.
Southern Review News
by Noel Griese

More news from the Southern Book Baron!
Turning First-Time Buyers into Repeat Customers
Four 'musts' in Service

What does it take to turn first-time buyers into repeat customers? A study by the Forum Corp. identified four key dimensions of service most important to first-time buyers. Read On!
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How an Embattled Georgia Book Publisher Failed
Publisher Blames Economy for Demise

Indigo Custom Publishing, a book publisher in Macon, Ga., for nearly a decade, is out of business. Read on for one company's struggle in today's economy.
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The International Reading Association

For those interested in the International Reading Association (IRA), a 70,000+ network of people and groups committed to worldwide literacy, attending the annual convention in Chicago next week (April 25-28) would be valuable. One example of this is the International Book Bank (IBB), who over the past year has been working closely with the American Institutes of Research (AIR) to send several shipments of new books to Pakistan, where AIR has educational programs in different regions of the country. Read On!



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