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October, 2005   VOLUME 5 ISSUE 10  
Excel-Web Sharing and Web Serving: v2.66
Late-breaking File Sharing News
PHP Watch: is LAMP going limp?
Learn how to use BadBlue, fast!
BadBlue major feature list by version
Here's what users are saying about BadBlue:

"A truly great piece of software!", Mikael W.

"I think your programme is brilliant", Nick K.

"I love your product", Chad S.

"Not the first I tried but is the last I need to try", Phunn Y.

"Fantastic program... the more I look at it the more I like it", Ronald W.

"This is an awesomely easy to use and valuable product", Bruce L.

"BadBlue is way cool... just what I've been looking for", Gary E.

"Your program is awesome!", Andrew M.

"An outstanding program!", Derek O.

"The Only Thing I Can Say... Excellent", Marc F.

"Great! Superb!", Alfredo Y.

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Excel-Web Sharing and Web Serving: v2.66
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Sharing Excel workbooks over the web? Color and WYSIWYG support of XLS files are now supported in BadBlue 2.66. Font size, typeface, color and cell background color all come through in BadBlue's 100% browser-based file sharing. Included in the new version: faster navigation and more powerful web serving features...
Late-breaking File Sharing News
Will Limewire start blocking? Big Music vs. Apple. Corrupted Torrents...

On September 13, 2005, the RIAA sent several letters to various P2P developers. The letter, which LimeWire is believed to have been a recipient of, demands that P2P developers prevent their users from infringing on copyrights or face litigation. It now appears that LimeWire might bow to this demand. Approximately 3 to 5 days ago, LimeWire developers began working on two new branches...
PHP Watch: is LAMP going limp?
PHP wins Apress contest. Conduct Security Reviews. And more.

If Evans Data Corp (EDC) is to believed, then some big names in enterprise systems have been rash in their support for open source scripting language PHP. This last eight months saw Intel, SAP, Oracle and IBM all support PHP, with investments or product backing through partnerships with PHP king Zend Technologies. However, EDC's survey has found PHP, along with scripting cousins Perl and Python, is seeing drastically reduced adoption among developers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa...
Learn how to use BadBlue, fast!
BadBlue Tutorials: the easiest way to get up and running quickly

The reaction to BadBlue's illustrated tutorials has been nothing less than stellar. Multiple users have asked how to clone the tutorial templates, simply because they're among the best teaching tools they've seen on the web.

We'd like to think so. Now it's easier than ever to learn how to use BadBlue, with the revamped Help Center and updated help files.

BadBlue's illustrated tutorials are designed to step you through setup and maintenance of your BadBlue server. Helpful screen shots guide you through almost every keypress and mouse-click. It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
BadBlue major feature list by version
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While BadBlue has rapidly added features to its server lineup, some users haven't kept up with upgrades (even when they're free, such as the 12 months of free upgrades Enterprise Edition customers receive. Now you can find out what you've been missing with the exhaustive list of features, indexed by version number...
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