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January 2003   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 10  
Run a web site - complete with a domain name - on your own PC!
BadBlue feature list by version
PHP Watch: Creating, sharing PDF files
Dynamic DNS explained
Run a web site - complete with a domain name - on your own PC!
Download new BadBlue 2.1 with dynamic DNS support

Ever wanted to run a no-hassle web site - right from your own PC? Now it's easy to create your own domain name and share photos, music, videos and business documents in minutes. With new BadBlue 2.1, you can create your own web address like http://jsmith.dyndns.org for free - and let your friends and colleagues surf to your PC simply by typing that address in their browser.

BadBlue feature list by version
If you're upgrading from a previous version of BadBlue, here's a list of the major features by version over the past few months...
PHP Watch: Creating, sharing PDF files
PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" and is used to recreate the exact look and feel of a hardcopy document. From Word files to complex CAD drawings, PDF allows display and printing on a wide variety of hardware and software platforms...
Dynamic DNS explained
Your own domain running on your PC

Whether you have a dialup connection or a cable modem, dynamic DNS lets your PC have its own domain name. Combined with BadBlue, it's the easiest way to share files with colleagues and friends. But what exactly is "DNS" and "Dynamic DNS"? Here's a simple explanation...

Get Licensed!
For-profit organizations, governmental and academic institutions (per the End User License Agreement can purchase BadBlue licenses here:

Non-commercial users and non-profit organizations can download BadBlue Personal Edition here:

What's your favorite recreational use of your PC?

Digital photography


Just web surfing



Software development

I'd rather not say ;-)

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