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June 2004   VOLUME 4 ISSUE 6  
Excel Spreadsheet Web Collaboration Added
File Sharing News: When Free is Profitable
PHP Watch: PHP vs. ASP.NET
BadBlue Tutorial Center adds new Content
Advanced Slide-show and Photo Album Support in BadBlue
OfficeSurfer: Secure Surfing From Anywhere
BadBlue Feature History by Version Number
Here's what users are saying about BadBlue:

"A truly great piece of software!", Mikael W.

"I think your programme is brilliant", Nick K.

"I love your product", Chad S.

"Not the first I tried but is the last I need to try", Phunn Y.

"Fantastic program... the more I look at it the more I like it", Ronald W.

"This is an awesomely easy to use and valuable product", Bruce L.

"BadBlue is way cool... just what I've been looking for", Gary E.

"Your program is awesome!", Andrew M.

"An outstanding program!", Derek O.

"The Only Thing I Can Say... Excellent", Marc F.

"Great! Superb!", Alfredo Y.

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Excel Spreadsheet Web Collaboration Added
Try it now with a free download of BadBlue Personal Edition

Need a secure way to share Excel spreadsheets over the web or a LAN? Now multiple users in different locations can update the same Excel spreadsheets. No more emailing files, merging spreadsheets, and fixing time-consuming data-entry errors!

And you can set it up yourself. Gone are the days of hiring expensive consultants, doing programming, and dealing with delays. BadBlue's new Excel Sharing features include:

  • Instantly share spreadsheets over the web - no programming, minimal setup
  • Password-protection - protect your spreadsheets with passwords
  • Update multiple cells at a time - a much easier user-interface
  • Multi-user conflict resolution - when two users change the same cell
  • Complete auditing and logging - you can track every change to your spreadsheets
  • Grid read protection by user - you can control who see which cells
  • Grid write protection by user - you can control who writes to which cells

    You can get started quickly and easily by reviewing our FAQ, below. It will step you through set-up, usage, and even advanced topics. And our illustrated tutorials make it easier than ever. Best of all, you can try out of the features for free with BadBlue Personal Edition. When you're ready to buy, you can order BadBlue Enterprise Edition with instant, electronic delivery.

    What do I need?

    All you need is a copy of Excel running on the system with BadBlue installed. None of your users need a copy of Excel. They only need browsers to review or update Excel spreadsheets.

    How do I set up a spreadsheet for sharing?   TUTORIAL  

    Just visit our tutorial entitled Sharing Excel Spreadsheet Files. This is an illustrated tutorial that steps you through set-up.

    How do I use Excel sharing?   TUTORIAL  

    Just visit our tutorial entitled Excel Sharing General Use. This is an illustrated tutorial that teaches you how to read and update spreadsheets using your browser. You can also email the page to introduce sharing to other users.

    Why are there "***" characters on my spreadsheet?        ORDER       

    If you're using BadBlue Personal Edition, Excel Sharing is a "free preview" feature to help you try it out. The size of your spreadsheet is limited in the preview. When you're ready to buy the full version, you can order BadBlue Enterprise Edition with instant, electronic delivery.

    Can users update the spreadsheet (not just view it)?

    Yes! Visit our tutorial entitled Excel Sharing General Use.

    Important: please note that you'll have to password-protect the spreadsheet before users are allowed to update it. Our audit logging feature, described below, requires that all users are identified before changing the spreadsheet.

    How do I password-protect my Excel files?

    For password protection help, see the Password-Protecting Files tutorial. Reminder: if you want to allow users to update spreadsheets (not just view them), remember to click the Allow updates checkbox at step 6 of that tutorial.

    What happens if multiple users update the same cell at the same time?

    BadBlue has built-in conflict resolution support to notify you when conflicting changes are made. See the Advanced Excel Sharing help page for more information.

    Can I review or audit the changes users have made?

    Yes! BadBlue has built-in audit logging for Excel Sharing. See the Advanced Excel Sharing help page for more information.

    Can I can control which users can read or write which cells?

    Yes! BadBlue has built-in cell-by-cell restrictions! You can hide certain cells from certain users. You can also allow other users to view cells, but not update them. You have total control over your shared spreadsheets. See the Advanced Excel Sharing help page for more information.

    Ready to get all of the facts?

    Please see the all new BadBlue Excel Sharing Help Center.

    Which other features have been added to BadBlue recently?

    4 Upload as many as 6 files at a time to a BadBlue server!

    4 Folders can now be hidden from users (you can choose to have folders not appear on the Folders tab)

    4 Based upon user requests, sub-folders now appear when a folder is displayed in thumbnails view. Users can navigate a complex set of folders containing pictures without having to switch to a file details view.

    Download now!

    4 Based upon user requests, folders no longer display hidden or system files.

    4 BadBlue OfficeSurfer has been dramatically improved based upon user feedback. A few of the enhancements include sophisticated handling of Javascript-based navigation (e.g., Google's tabs); Javascript generation of content and images (e.g., Pbase.com); better containment of redirection (e.g., Amazon); and other enhancements. OfficeSurfer is a private web relaying feature that allows users to surf the web, bypassing most censorship software, restrictions or monitoring. See the http://badblue.com/helpofs.htm OfficeSurfer help pages for more information.

    4 For PHP developers, the CGI variables REQUEST_URI, SCRIPT_URI, and SCRIPT_URL have been fixed (and are now more compatible with Apache).

    4 OfficeSurfer personal surfing assistant helps keep your office surfing private, helping to prevent logging or filtering of web sites you choose to visit.

    4 Choose between a single upload area or individual user upload folders with security automatically maintained based upon user login ID.

    4 Put your message and contact information on every page of your BadBlue site, quickly and easily (place a welcome message, email address and URL on every page - see the Manage tab's "Set Preferences" link)

    4 The Remote Administrator now has "super power" (if you create a Remote Administrator account, it will have access to all folders, regardless of access control). In addition, the RA account will be able to use the "Manage" tab from any location - not just the system running BadBlue (as was the case in the past).

    4 Automatically integrate Windows XP and Windows 2000 user accounts... you don't have to create accounts manually if you decide to use Windows user accounts

    4 Turn off "Live Views" of Office documents if you don't use Office Sharing - you now have three choices: conventional download links and Live View links; only Live View links; or only regular download links. See the Manage tab's "Setup search tab" option for more information

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