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February 2004   VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2  
Photo sharing features added to BadBlue
File Sharing News: Most Dangerous Geek...
PHP Watch: Is PHP 5 Evolutionary?
Securely Surfing Outside the Home...
Give Users their own Private Folders
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BadBlue major feature list by version
Here's what users are saying about BadBlue:

"A truly great piece of software!", Mikael W.

"I think your programme is brilliant", Nick K.

"I love your product", Chad S.

"Not the first I tried but is the last I need to try", Phunn Y.

"Fantastic program... the more I look at it the more I like it", Ronald W.

"This is an awesomely easy to use and valuable product", Bruce L.

"BadBlue is way cool... just what I've been looking for", Gary E.

"Your program is awesome!", Andrew M.

"An outstanding program!", Derek O.

"The Only Thing I Can Say... Excellent", Marc F.

"Great! Superb!", Alfredo Y.

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BadBlue major feature list by version

BadBlue 2.45

4 New slide-show support: in addition to auto photo album (thumbnail) views of pictures, view slide-shows of your folders

4 New automatic photo album and slide-show support - automatically display folders in either slide-show or album view (rather than "file details" listing) using Manage >> Setup Folders Tab

4 Sub-folders now appear when a folder is displayed in photo-album (thumbnails) format.

4 Folders no longer display hidden or system files.

4 OfficeSurfer now supports Javascript and other enhancements

BadBlue 2.44

4 OfficeSurfer personal surfing assistant helps keep your office surfing private, helping to prevent logging or filtering of web sites you choose to visit.

4 Security enhancements for MFC ISAPI framework

BadBlue 2.43

4 New upload option supports individual user upload/download folders

4 Windows XP, Windows 2000 user accounts recognized automatically

4 Custom message, email, web site info can be placed on each page

4 Option to turn off "Live View" links

BadBlue 2.42

4 Remote administration added

4 Default tab that visitors see can be configured

BadBlue 2.41

4 Password-protect the search function and all search result file names

4 Automatic photo-album subfolder support

4 Easier password-protection of files

4 Easier dynamic DNS integration

BadBlue 2.4

4 Photo album view and thumbnail image support for JPGs

4 "Live-view" large JPGs in thumbnail mode from search results page

4 Manage >> Invite friends link allows emailed invitations to site

4 Run multiple copies of BadBlue on the same PC with the '-m' command-line switch

BadBlue 2.3

4 Full-text search (search the contents of files)

4 Path search support (ability to search on path names in addition to file names)

4 Adjust search results page including page refresh interval and number of times page is redrawn using Manage >> Setup search tab

4 Security fixes

BadBlue 2.2

4 Partial downloads supported (compatible with download managers like 'GetRight'!)

4 HTTP 1.1 support with better cache control

4 Control QuickStart Wizard, browser popup and console window from Manage >> Set searching and other options menu

4 Customizable 404 (page not found) error page

4 CLF logging now compatible with all major log analyzers

4 Security fixes

BadBlue 2.15

4 Revamped user interface uses XP-style graphics

4 Setup simplified through easier menu options and improved QuickStart Wizard

BadBlue 2.14

4 QuickStart wizard steps users through BadBlue configuration quickly

4 File uploads included in Personal Edition on trial basis

4 Bandwidth throttling, download limits and per-user download limits are now supported

BadBlue 2.12

4 LiveSQL - easily distribute database data over the web. LiveSQL allows users to bookmark database data in their browsers and create comma-separated (CSV), tab-delimited or XML files with a single URL click. Great for novice users who need to import data into an Excel spreadsheet without having to know the details of Access databases

BadBlue 2.1

4 New dynamic DNS support: pick a subdomain name (for example, jsmith.dyndns.org) and instantly run a web site on your own PC, whether you connect with dialup, broadband or in between

4 Improved Access support lets you publish the latest Access tables and queries into HTML instantly, with no programming and virtually no setup. BadBlue 2.1 supports the latest version of Microsoft's Data Access libraries (MDAC) so that you get instant access to your data using only a browser

BadBlue 2.0

4 New tabbed user interface lets users explore shared folders in addition to searching

4 All directory, user and password controls occur instantly (no need to restart the server for changes to take effect)

4 Sortable directory browsing (name, date, size)

4 File uploads are faster and more reliable for all browser types

4 ShareOffice library for Java lets Java programmers retrieve Excel, Word and Access data easily

BadBlue 1.7.7

4 Integrated PHP wizard steps you through set-up of PHP in literally seconds

4 PHP ShareOffice library lets you read Excel, Access and Word data using single function calls

BadBlue 1.7

4 Shared Word documents can now be viewed WYSIWYG (fully formatted, with images and tables automatically converted into HTML), in addition to live views of Excel and Access

4 The entire download is around 300K and is a very easy way to learn, build and run your own web site - right from your own PC - including support for dynamic DNS (domain name)

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