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February 2004   VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2  
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PHP Watch: Is PHP 5 Evolutionary?
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"A truly great piece of software!", Mikael W.

"I think your programme is brilliant", Nick K.

"I love your product", Chad S.

"Not the first I tried but is the last I need to try", Phunn Y.

"Fantastic program... the more I look at it the more I like it", Ronald W.

"This is an awesomely easy to use and valuable product", Bruce L.

"BadBlue is way cool... just what I've been looking for", Gary E.

"Your program is awesome!", Andrew M.

"An outstanding program!", Derek O.

"The Only Thing I Can Say... Excellent", Marc F.

"Great! Superb!", Alfredo Y.

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PHP Watch: Is PHP 5 Evolutionary?
Working with text files... Accessibility and Usability...

Is PHP 5 Evolutionary?

"An article published on LinuxWorld Australia quotes Rasmus Lerdorf as saying that PHP5 will be an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary product, 'more about improving PHP's ability to support newer Web protocols and languages than in building up a host of new features'. Now, revolution is undoubtedly a subjective concept, and journalists sometimes misunderstand technical concepts due to the fact that they are not technologists themselves. However, I, personally, would call PHP5 more revolutionary than evolutionary..."


PHP Tutorial: Working with Text Files

"When you have an idea to design a website that has the ability to handle data inside it, normally you start off the project planning the database type, database structure, etc. Normally, the database type depends on the amount of records you'll handle and how often you will be accessing those records... Depending on the amount of records, there are basically two ways of storing data: in a structured database or in a simple text file..."


My Beef with MySQL's License

"...There is a programmer named Bob. Now Bob is a really smart guy who dislikes the GPL intensely. So Bob, finding out the MySQL 4.1 client libraries are now GPL'd gets very angry - understandable. Whether or not MySQL has the right to have changed their license is not really the issue; of course they have that right, it's their software, it's their copyright. He still has a right to be pissed, because something MySQL did changed the situation for him in a negative manner..."


Why Accessibility and Usability are Important to You

"According to Usablenet.com, accessibility and usability are becoming increasingly critical to the internet experience. Is your site accessible to people with disabilities? Is it compatible with browsers other than Internet Explorer? Continue reading to discover how accessibility can benefit you, as well as your visitors..."


The PHP Anthology Volume I, Chapter 3 - PHP and MySQL

"In the 'old days' of the Internet, most Web pages were nothing more than text files containing HTML. When people surfed to your site, your Web server simply made the file available to their browser, which parsed the contents and rendered something a human being could read. This approach was fine to start with, but as Websites grew and issues such as design and navigation became more important, developers realized that maintaining hundreds of HTML files was going to be a massive headache..."


Is my language really better than yours?

"The 'my language is better than yours' diatribe is perhaps one of the oldest forms of communication among developers in existence. I can remember these discussions as far back as I remember knowing at least another person capable to write software in one form or another. One only needs to take a look at the languages currently available out there, however, to immediately tell that the discussion is not about languages -- it never has been. If you group the languages out there by intended market (e.g.: web development, low-level programming, and so on) and by type (e.g.: procedural vs. O-O)..."


Writing a Templating System in PHP

"Templating is an easy way to create large sites without much hassle in maintaining a consistent look and feel across them. A standalone template file contains the HTML framework of the page and placeholders. A script can take the template file and replace the placeholders with the appropriate content to produce the requested page... While I was working on a recent project I came across the need for a basic templating script. There are several templating systems available; some are native to PHP while others have been ported to PHP from other programming languages. But, I found existing packages were too cumbersome for my needs..."


Web App Security Testing with a Custom Proxy Server

"In this article, I'll discuss some common web-application security flaws and then demonstrate how to detect them. In the process of auditing web applications for security flaws, I will also present a PHP script that will act as a web proxy server, allowing us to intercept and alter HTTP requests between the web browser and the target web server. As we will see, this PHP script will aid us tremendously in testing for security flaws..."


The Future of Perl

"A colleague of mine recently asked me about Perl's future. Specifically, he wondered if we have any tricks up our sleeves to compete against today's two most popular platforms: .NET and Java. Without a second's hesitation, I repeated the same answer I've used for years when people ask me if Perl has a future..."


PHP Popularity Scoreboard

Jan. 2004 count of domains running PHP: 14,699,098 domains
Jan. 2004 count of IP addresses running PHP: 1,330,821 IP addresses

Organizations using PHP

As usual, we'll wrap up with our traditional list of significant organizations using PHP.

CapitalOne, NASA, the W3C, HP, Google, Deutsche Bank, Redhat, Lycos, Cisco, Ericsson, Volvo, Motorola, SourceForge, Honda, Xoom, WinAmp, Sony Music, Vodafone, CBS, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, the US Army, UPI, the New York Yankees, Southwestern Bell, the San Diego Zoo, the Oakland Raiders, Audi, Subaru, VA Linux, Winamp, Duke University, Quicken, The Village Voice, Undernet, Access Micro, Columbus Dispatch, Indianapolis Star, Yahoo, Indiana University, Deutsche Telecomm, Bang & Olufsen, Siemens, Unilever, Philips, BMC, NTT, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Dialpad, BMC, Mitsubishi, MP3.com, the Arizona Republic, Deloitte Consulting, the US Navy, Nokia, Valero, Electronic Arts

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