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February 2003   VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1  
Need to share Word documents - without giving away your originals?
Run a web site (with domain name) on your PC!
Select a browser bookmark: get data!
PHP Watch: take advantage of LiveSQL for quick database access
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Need to share Word documents - without giving away your originals?
Try BadBlue's easy live views, free

Are you one of those people like me that have more Word documents than they can handle? Need an easy way to distribute them to other people - but don't want them to get their hands on your original documents?

By default, BadBlue lets remote users surf to your PC and view only the files you allow them to see. If the default settings are in place, by clicking on the document name, they can download the entire file.

But I don't want them to have my original file!

No problem. BadBlue supports "live views". If you wish, you can prevent users from downloading the file and simply allow them to "live view" the file.

What's a 'live view'?

BadBlue can automatically convert a Word document into HTML (hypertext markup language). The HTML is visible in a browser... with no waiting for Word to load... no checking for the right version of Word... none of the hassles associated with having to run Word at all. Users see the document in their browser whether or not they have Word installed.

That means your users get to view your documents fast, but never get their hands on the original. It's an innovative way to share documents with sharing too much!

I have the same problem with spreadsheets and databases!

BadBlue's live view capabilities also support Excel and Access. You can share an Excel spreadsheet without having to let users actually download it. They won't be able to view or change formulas or even understand how it was constructed. All they can see are the end results in a browser.

Here's a quick, easy tutorial on live views for Word: 'Live view' Tutorial

You can try BadBlue's "live view" capability free: Download Personal Edition, free.

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