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January 2003   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 10  
Run a web site - complete with a domain name - on your own PC!
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Dynamic DNS explained
Dynamic DNS explained
Your own domain running on your PC

What is 'DNS'?

DNS stands for 'Domain Name System' and is the master naming scheme for the Internet. DNS allows a web surfer to type in an address like http://www.badblue.com and have it automatically resolved to the correct IP address so that its content can be delivered to the user.

What is 'Dynamic DNS'?

When a typical PC connects to the Internet through a dialup, broadband or other connection it is often assigned a random IP address (usually through a process called DHCP).

The problem with a random IP address (if you're trying to run a server on your own PC) is that other Internet users don't know your new address each time you connect. Thus, users can't easily locate your PC when you run BadBlue or any other type of server.

Dynamic DNS helps solve the problem. BadBlue includes DNS software that determines when the PC's address has changed and sends the change to a master DNS server. For example, BadBlue supports a naming service called DynDNS.org. At DynDNS, you can sign up for a free dynamic DNS account such as jsmith.dyndns.org.

This will allow you to distribute a DNS name that your users can type in to their browsers' address bar (http://jsmith.dyndns.org) rather than an IP address which often changes frequently.

Starting with version 2.1, BadBlue includes Dynamic DNS software that allows you to easily set up your own DNS name through DynDNS.org. Whenever you're online and running BadBlue, friends or colleagues will be able to 'surf' to your PC using their browsers.

This makes it easy for web surfers to explore your PC and download the photos, music, videos or business files you've designated as shared.

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