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January 2003   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 10  
Run a web site - complete with a domain name - on your own PC!
BadBlue feature list by version
PHP Watch: Creating, sharing PDF files
Dynamic DNS explained
BadBlue feature list by version

If you're upgrading from a previous version of BadBlue, here's a list of the major features by version over the past few months:

BadBlue v2.1

  • New dynamic DNS support: pick a subdomain name (for example, jsmith.dyndns.org) and instantly run a web site on your own PC, whether you connect with dialup, broadband or in between; see http://badblue.com/helpdd.htm for details
  • Improved Access support lets you publish the latest Access tables and queries into HTML instantly, with no programming and virtually no setup. BadBlue 2.1 supports the latest version of Microsoft's Data Access libraries (MDAC) so that you get instant access to your data using only a browser

    BadBlue 2.0

  • New tabbed user interface lets users explore shared folders in addition to searching
  • All directory, user and password controls occur instantly (no need to restart the server for changes to take effect)
  • Sortable directory browsing (name, date, size)
  • File uploads are faster and more reliable for all browser types
  • ShareOffice library for Java lets Java programmers retrieve Excel, Word and Access data easily - see http://badblue.com/helpjavo.htm

    BadBlue 1.7.7

  • Integrated PHP wizard steps you through set-up of PHP in literally seconds (see http://badblue.com/helpphps.htm for info)
  • PHP ShareOffice library lets you read Excel, Access and Word data using single function calls - see the ShareOffice help center for more details

    BadBlue 1.7

  • Shared Word documents can now be viewed WYSIWYG (fully formatted, with images and tables automatically converted into HTML), in addition to live views of Excel and Access

    The entire download is around 300K and is a very easy way to learn, build and run your own web site - right from your own PC - including support for dynamic DNS (domain name).

    Get the free download of BadBlue PE v2.1

  • Get Licensed!
    For-profit organizations, governmental and academic institutions (per the End User License Agreement can purchase BadBlue licenses here:

    Non-commercial users and non-profit organizations can download BadBlue Personal Edition here:

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