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December 2002   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 9  
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PHP Watch: Yahoo and PHP!
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PHP Watch: Yahoo and PHP!
Also: Netcraft, PHP Everywhere, Company List

PHP continues to gain momentum as an easy and powerful application serving platform. The biggest recent news on the PHP adoption front is Yahoo's announcement, which surprised many observers: Yahoo is turning to the open-source technology to drive their web site (the largest in the world, so we think that validates PHP's ability to scale ;-).


In November, Netcraft reported that PHP was running on 9,866,075 domains (an increase of around 500,000 domains in two months), so the rise of PHP continues unabated.


PHP Everywhere, if you haven't visited, is a wonderful blog site that tracks major developments in PHP. A recent article covered PHP in the enterprise, describing issues as wide-ranging as performance, security, extensibility, scalability and maintenance.


Finally, we'll wrap up with our traditional list of significant organizations using PHP:

CapitalOne, NASA, the W3C, HP, Google, Deutsche Bank, Redhat, Lycos, Cisco, Ericsson, Volvo, Motorola, SourceForge, Honda, Xoom, WinAmp, Sony Music, Vodafone, CBS, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, the US Army, UPI, the New York Yankees, Southwestern Bell, the San Diego Zoo, the Oakland Raiders, Audi, Subaru, VA Linux, Winamp, Duke University, Quicken, The Village Voice, Undernet, Access Micro, Columbus Dispatch, Indianapolis Star, Yahoo, Indiana University, Deutsche Telecomm, Bang & Olufsen, Siemens, Unilever, Philips, BMC, NTT, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Dialpad, BMC, Mitsubishi, MP3.com, the Arizona Republic, Deloitte Consulting

By the way, if you missed it, a prior PHP Watch article (entitled 'The Business Case for PHP'), seemed to be very popular, turning up at several software development sites. The article can be found at:

"The Business Case for PHP"

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