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Tuesday, October 30, 2001 November 2001   VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2  


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BadBlue integrates 'better than cron' scheduling
Build your business: Peer-to-peer sharing of live Office data
PHP Watch: Learn PHP fast
Ancestry.com highlights BadBlue for personal web serving
PHP Watch: Learn PHP fast

Interested in learning the fastest growing web serving technology? Whether because it's free - or simply that it's excellent technology - PHP has taken the high-performance app-serving world by storm. Extremely high-volume sites like sourceforge.net and f---edcompany.com rely upon PHP as the backbone of their operations.

PHP.net has created an excellent, brief tutorial for beginning the PHP onboarding process ...you'll notice that the tutorial assumes a working web server and an installed copy of PHP.

If you haven't set up your PC to run PHP yet, check out the BadBlue/PHP quick-start page, which can get you up and running in (literally) a few minutes.

Looking for a good PHP tutorial that describes some of the nitty gritty details around MySQL and PHP? The guestbook database tutorial at http://www.awtrey.com/support/dbeweb/ is a brief, yet comprehensive tutorial around PHP-based database access.

p.s., PHP is now running on approximately 22.4% of all web servers on the public Internet (up from 22.2% last month, source: Netcraft). If you'd like to know why so many folks are excited about PHP, the new "Why PHP" area is well worth reading.

BadBlue PHP Help Center

How do I get started with PHP?



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