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Tuesday, August 21, 2001 September 2001   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 10  


New BadBlue 1.5 makes finding friends and colleagues easy!
BadBlue Enterprise 1.5 supports easy, private sharing of MS Office files
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Already have BadBlue EE?
BadBlue Enterprise 1.5 supports easy, private sharing of MS Office files
Still only $34.99 - get it today!

BadBlue EE 1.5's new, private IRC sharing lets your distributed knowledge workers connect... anywhere, anytime. Use public or private IRC servers and state-of-the-art encryption technology to connect and share Office documents... even upload files to one another...

Access, Excel and Word... Easy, automatic transcoding into HTML

The problem: your colleagues need to see the spreadsheet that's stuck on your PC. The solution: BadBlue. Simply mark the spreadsheet as a shared file, let your colleagues surf to your PC... and they can view your live Excel data in their browsers!

And they don't even need copies of Access, Excel or Word!

BadBlue lets your colleagues view Access, Excel and Word files using only their browsers. They can surf directly to your PC and view the live Office files.

Need to see some screen shots before you're convinced?

P2P Sharing of Access data
P2P Sharing of Excel data
P2P Sharing of Word data

If you need private IRC sharing features, instant live publishing of MS Office files, file uploads and more customization options, you'll want to check out BadBlue Enterprise Edition. It's still only $34.99 - for a limited time - check out all of its features:

BadBlue Enterprise Edition 1.5 feature set



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