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November 2008
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Avnet Memec Team Wins with Raytheon
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Avnet Signs Supply Agreement with BAE Systems
Avnet Express Gets Outgoing
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Fueling Change, One Package at a Time
Life's A Beach
Avnet Upgrades Videoconferencing Network
Life's A Beach

More than 100 employees received Take the Beach awards in the first quarter. These awards are given to employees who go the extra mile for internal and external customers, including assisting fellow employees with working long/challenging quotes, organizing a charity event, averting line-down situations and shortening lead-times by several weeks for customers.

Take the Beach awards recipients are given $50 in Globoforce points to redeem at participating stores. Employees can nominate someone by going to the EMA intranet home page, and going to the Take the Beach web site. Any employee can nominate a fellow employee. The nominations go through a screening process, and awards are given out monthly. Winners receive email notifications that they have been selected.

The following people won Take the Beach Awards in Q1:

Jonathan Abad

Robert Gorham

Pamela Remon

Shannon Anderson

April Gould

Cheryl Rettinger

Kurt Atkins

Tammy Greene

Beverly Reyes

Dayna Badhorn

Patsy Hall

Loretta Reynolds

Maria Banuelos

Marjorie Hawkes

Katharine Riedinger

Teresa Basham

Wendi Heemer

Adriana Rios

Jennifer Becker

Catherine Hines

Linda Ritchie

Laura Bickmore

Sheri Hopkins

Eugene Ritter

Darlene Bromsey

April Johnson

Cheryl Robinson

Timothy Brotherton

William Kearney

Carolyn Ross

Janice Brown

Debbie Kertes

Victor Ruesga

Helen Burkitt

Todd Kerwin

Venus Sanders

Tracy Capasso

Steven Kirkland

Cynthia Sandor

Debbie Carrillo

Jeffrey Kitch

Jeannie Sapitan

Ivan Castillo

Dawn Kopp

Charles Schilling

Kenneth Clarke

Dudi Kopperud

Colleen Schneider

Denise Conley

Mark Kosanovich

Thomas Schulteis

Bobby Coogler

Manish Lakhotia

Lance Sefcik

Kristen Courtney

Rita LeBlanc

Troy Setford

Oliver Cruz

Karen Lorgeree

Linda Shaffer

Connie Dalton

Eric Lund

Stephen Sica

Michael Daniels

Roger Lund

Denise Smith

Dawn Day

Betty MacDonald

Jennifer Smith

Rachel Diaz

Matthew MacWilliam

Kelly Sorenson

Carla Disalvo

Robert Maglione

Susan Sousa

Ann Dixon

Michelle Manescu

Jeff Sparrow

Gejuara Dowls

Frank Marrone

Dennis Strauss

Marlean Dowls

Theresa McPherson

Natalie Taylor

Deborah Duarte

Mae Misuraca

Marlene VanDyke

Susan Edwards

Sandra Murphy

Cesar Vasquez

Deborah Eisenring

Christopher Myrick

Marc Wagoner

Darin Elzey

Bridget Nemeth

Douglas Walker

Michael Fallat

Matthew Neu

Peter West

Sara Foster

Jesse Nichols

Edward Wheat

Hilda Gandara

Dan Payne

Scott Woodworth

Brian Gaustad

Eileen Perino

Stella Yee

Stacey Gislason

James Reiter



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