Vehicle Details: Subaru EyeSight Safety Features
June 2017
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Vehicle Details: Subaru EyeSight Safety Features
Learn more about how Subaru EyeSight keeps you safe

Itís always nice to have an extra set of eyes with you while youíre driving, considering there can be many distractions on the road. Subaru had this in mind when it created Subaru EyeSight, a cutting-edge technology that aids drivers in all aspects of driving. The technology is capable of optimizing cruise control, monitoring traffic movement and alerting you should you stray from your lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Long trips can be exhausting without cruise control. Having to constantly alter your speed or brake because the vehicle in front of you decided to change speed can be annoying. Subaru EyeSight allows drivers to set the speed at which they would like to cruise so they wonít have to worry about it until the speed limit changes. Additionally, drivers are able to set a specific distance they would like to maintain between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. The vehicle will automatically adjust speed to maintain that distance while in cruise control because of its adaptive technology.

Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning

Those extended drives can be exhausting and becoming tired can lead to distracted driving. On most highways, a rumble strip is located on the roadside lane to alert drivers of drifting. But if youíre driving on a four-lane highway and start to drift, there are no noise alerts to let you know you are straying from your lane, aside from someone elseís car horn. The EyeSight Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning system monitor your position on the road and track the lines that separate each lane. When you start to drift from your current lane (without using a turn signal) the system will alert you. Of course, the best method of avoiding lane drifting due to exhaustion is to stop and rest for an extended period of time.

Pre-Collision Braking

Getting distracted while driving can also create what most people call fender benders. If someone stops suddenly in front of you and you happen to be changing the music or looking somewhere else, Subaru EyeSight Pre-Collision Braking will alert you and apply full braking force to reduce or completely avoid frontal impact.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

Similar to the Pre-Collision Braking system, the Throttle Management system will reduce your engineís power output when preparing for a front end collision. Reducing the power will help minimize the amount of damage between the vehicles in the event of a minor accident.

When equipped with EyeSight, Subaru vehicles received the highest rating for front crash prevention from the IIHS. Subaru EyeSight is available on select models, including the Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback and WRX. For more details about this technology, contact your local Subaru dealership.

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