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February 10, 2016 Volume 1 Issue 74  
Contents's Service and Technology Investments Yield Results for Auto Dealer, Dealer Group, Manufacturer and Major Media Customers
NADA Convention to Host Auto Dealers from More Than 30 Countries
Dale Pollak to Speak at 2010 NADA Convention
Dominion Dealer Solutions Experts to Speak at NADA Workshops and Present New Products at Press Conference
Manheim’s Amanda Savage to Share ‘Secrets of the Modern Wholesale Auction’ at NADA Conference
DealerTrack to Multiply NADA's $200 'Stimulus Package' 5X for New Subscribers to DealerTrack AAX at Orlando Show
ClearMechanic Roars out of the Gate with New Partners, Dealerships and Media Buzz Announces Updated Service Scheduling Solution: Auto Dealers Now Have Cost-Effective Service Appointment Scheduling 24/7/365 Both via Web and Telephone
NADA Used Car Guide Introduces Auction Values, Enhances Editorial Processes and Methodology
Racing Legend Al Unser Jr. and TLC's Overhaulin' Star Chip Foose to Sign Autographs at NADA Expo 2010
First-ever Emergency Windshield Wiper Blade Launches in the U.S.
JAMAK Fabrication brings new technology and high quality to provide a much-needed product for thousands of motorists on the road

Fort Worth, TX - Spare tire - check. Jack - check. Jumper cables - check. Wiper blade?? When it comes to preparing yourself for anything that can happen on the road, we all know the usual things we are supposed to have in the car. But most drivers would never think that their wiper blades might be one of those emergencies. But in fact, poor vision due to things like old or faulty wiper blades is a leading cause of auto accidents. If your blade breaks and you are in the middle of heavy rain, a snowstorm or just a dirty windshield, you would be in trouble. Until now.

Jamak Fabrication, one of the largest manufacturers of wiper blades, is introducing the E-BLADE, a portable emergency wiper blade that installs in seconds and fits most standard automobiles. The purpose of the E-BLADE is to help those in an emergency situation when their blade decides to give up on you. Jamak knows how important wiper blades are to the quality of your driving and is now going one step further to ensure your safety.

Most people neglect their wiper blades, until it's too late.

Results of vehicle check-ups during the 2008 National Car Care Month in April, and Fall Car Care Month in October, indicate that nearly 80 percent of the vehicles that passed through the inspection lanes needed service and parts. And windshield wipers were among the top problems. Approximately, 15 percent of vehicles needed fresh front windshield wipers and 10 percent needed rear windshield wipers. Lights and wipers play a major role in safe driving, as the chance of an accident increases if you can't see or be seen. -

Despite National Highway Transportation Board recommendations that drivers change their wiper blades every year, the average US vehicle owner replaces his/her wiper blades only once every 2.5 years. Typically, a worn blade shows physical wear signs like cracking.

The E-BLADE saves time and money by avoiding a visit with a mechanic or tow truck and putting the power in the hands of the driver. The E-BLADE takes just seconds to install with four quick steps: Measure, Snap, Trim and Install. The blade fits most wipers up to 24 inches and is made of synthetic, durable rubber and features an exclusive, patent-pending technology. All of Jamak's products go through vigorous and extensive testing to maximize durability and effectiveness and all of Jamak products come with a warranty and will replace any blade if you're not satisfied. The E-BLADE will be available at convenience stores and gas stations nationwide, as well as online at www.TheWiperStore,com.

With the E-BLADE, drivers can be ready at all times and be able to react quickly. "Our E-BLADE gives drivers one less thing to worry about," says JAMAK Chairman Al Micallef. "We have always strived to increase road safety and now, just as you would keep a spare tire in your car, by keeping an E-BLADE on hand, you can be sure you will be able to avoid a dangerous situation and get back on the road and not sitting in your car stranded."

Jamak wants every driver to be safe on the road. Their E-BLADE will aid many in an emergency. And, in order to help drivers after an emergency, Jamak is offering an introductory discount of 25% off any of their high-quality permanent blades when you purchase an E-BLADE through their website: Limited offer coupon can be found in the E-BLADE packaging.

For more information on the E-Blade and other Jamak wiper blade products, please visit or call 1-800-517-7600.






























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