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Master Lock Announces National Availability of New Starter Sentry Vehicle Anti-Theft System
New vehicle immobilizer is reliable, affordable, available online and virtually failsafe

Milwaukee, WI - Master Lock, the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of padlocks and related security products, today announced that its revolutionary new Starter Sentry Vehicle Anti-Theft System will be available nationwide via the Internet at its web site,

Car theft remains a major challenge for many Americans and has reached epidemic proportions in the western U.S. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimated that in 2006 a vehicle was stolen every 26 seconds and additional statistics show that in that same year, insurers paid $2 billion in claims as a result of vehicle theft.

Starter Sentry is the first consumer friendly and widely available vehicle anti-theft system that works by completely disabling the starter motor or, in some models, the fuel pump. When armed, a thief simply cannot start the car, even if they jam the lock, hot wire the ignition or use a duplicate key. The system arms automatically each time the vehicle is turned off, providing true ‘set and forget’ operation.

Thanks to its patented ‘plug and play’ design, there are no tools required and no wires to cut or splice. For many people, installing Starter Sentry will be as simple as changing a light bulb,” commented Sherri Beachey, Product Manager at Master Lock. “In less than ten minutes, the average person can install Starter Sentry and have the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicle is protected by multiple layers of security,” said Beachey.

Master Lock has been working with state organizations and others to aggressively fight vehicle theft and first test-launched Starter Sentry in Phoenix in late 2007 to help that city fight its high theft rate. “Master Lock has worked hard to educate vehicle owners to promote measures that can reduce the likelihood of theft such as the use of steering wheel locks, and now with Starter Sentry’s availability to all vehicle owners, we’ve added another very important level of defense to the arsenal that can be used for protection,” said Beachey .

Insurance industry organizations such as the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the Highway Loss Data Institute recommend that consumers use several ‘layers’ of protection to thwart thieves. These layers include using common sense (such as always locking doors and parking in a well-lit area), employing warning devices such as window etching and steering wheel locks and installing a vehicle immobilizer such as the Master Lock Starter Sentry. In fact, HLDI statistics show that overall vehicle losses declined by 50% when cars install immobilizing anti-theft devices.

For those consumers who prefer not to open the hood of their car, there are likely area locksmiths who are capable of installing Starter Sentry for you. “Starter Sentry provides the kind of reliable, hassle-free security that consumers expect from a professional locksmith” commented Terry Brown of Clark Security Products. Clark, which operates a regional distribution center near downtown Phoenix, is the nation’s leading independent wholesale distributor of security products and services

“Unlike traditional alarms whose noise and flashing lights go mostly ignored and become a nuisance, Starter Sentry works silently and reliably,” Beachey continued. “It’s there to protect your vehicle when you aren’t, and it ensures nobody can start your vehicle but you.”

Starter Sentry fits most vehicles and retails online for $129.99 at the Master Lock website ( Shipping and handling is included in the price. The Master Lock web site provides more information about Starter Sentry, including a searchable database that allows consumers to compare the theft rate of their specific vehicle to the average vehicle on the road.















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