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Steve's Corner
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by Steve Kaufmann

What really matters in language learning?
We are all wonderfully individual in all of our own little ways. We are not the same size, nor quite the same shape. The colour of our hair, skin and eyes, even the shape of our fingers not to mention our finger prints, and many other small details vary from individual to individual, regardless of national group.
Building a Community
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by Sean Sibbet

Building a Community
I got my first computer in 1980. It connected to four things: a joystick, a television, a cassette recorder ,for saving files, and the power jack on the wall. The processor ran at less than 1 MHz and memory capacity was 4 kilobytes. This was reasonable for the time, but it was very limiting!

Linguist Learner of the Month
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by Jill Soles

Humberto Soto is July's Learner of the Month. He is 46 years old and is married with three wonderful children. He is from Venezuela, but has been living in Canada for about two and a half years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and has worked in the oil industry for years.

Your Language Adventure, Part 9
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by Steve Kaufmann

Based on the considerable amount of writing corrected at The Linguist, the greatest problem that learners have is the inability to choose the right word, rather than grammar. Many people have a limited sense of the meaning of words. They are limited to a narrow dictionary definition.
What's New at The Linguist
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by Mark Kaufmann

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather wherever you are. Of course, those of you in the southern hemisphere  are not enjoying the summer at all since it is winter where you are. Although, I would imagine that winter in much of the southern hemisphere is more comfortable than summer in some of the hotter more humid parts of the northern hemisphere.


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