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4 Places to Go Fishing in Louisiana
Catch freshwater and saltwater fish at these popular Louisiana fishing destinations

As a coastal state, Louisiana provides a lot of fishing opportunities for visitors and locals alike. Not only does the Gulf of Mexico offer plenty of saltwater fishing, but the plentiful lakes and rivers throughout the state give you the opportunity for freshwater fishing as well. On your next fishing trip in Louisiana, these destinations should be at or near the top of your expansive list.

Grand Isle State Park

Surf fishing is a great way for anglers to catch large fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Grand Isle State Park has hundreds of fish in the area, with more than 280 different species to count. Popular saltwater fish found in the park’s waters include white trout, Spanish mackerel and croaker. According to Louisiana Travel, Grand Isle State Park is also the only state-owned and -operated beach on the Gulf coast, which means it is exceptionally well maintained. The park has several piers, bridges and local beaches, so you will have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a fishing spot.

Lake Salvador

Jean Lafitte is a small village on the edge of Lake Salvador, providing a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere for visiting anglers to take in while casting their lines. Lake Salvador is a saltwater lake, combining the laid-back fishing experience of a lake with the diverse ecology of saltwater. The most prominent species in the lake are redfish and speckled trout. Conveniently, Jean Lafitte is a short drive’s distance from New Orleans, so you can spend a long day taking it easy on the lake and spend your night out in the Big Easy.

Louisiana Bass Trail

If you’re looking for bass fishing, look no further than the Louisiana Bass Trail. Louisiana is home to some of the best bass fishing in the United States, and the Louisiana Bass Trail brings together eight Louisiana State Parks with the best bass fishing yield. The Toledo Bend Reservoir, one of the key stops along the trail, is considered not just one of the best places in the state for catching bass, but one of the best in the country. In fact, “Bassmaster” named Toledo Bend Reservoir the “Top Bass Fishing Lake in the United States” in 2015 and 2016. Other freshwater stops on the Louisiana Bass Trail include Cankey Lake, Poverty Point Reservoir and Lake Bruin.

Deep Sea Fishing

One advantageous perk to Louisiana’s coastal location is the easy access to deep-sea fishing. There are two primary launch locations for deep sea fishing in Louisiana: Cypress Cove Marina and Venice Marina. Experts at Louisiana Travel recommend you only go exploring with the aid of a guide, especially in areas you are not familiar with. They also recommend planning your route and bait in advance for optimal experiences. “These big bays hold tons of big spawning trout,” says Captain Owen Langridge, Big ‘O’ Charters. “But you can’t really go through them fishing without a plan.”

Louisiana is absolutely beautiful, particularly its miles and miles of coastline, abundant lakes and wide variety of fishing destinations. Whether you’re on the hunt for bass, prefer the thrill of saltwater fishing or simply wish to sit back and relax next to a freshwater lake, there’s something in the Pelican State for you.

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